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Comprehensive Expertise

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Quality and Safety First

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Customized Solutions

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Industrial Electrical Services

Flavin Electric delivers specialized electrical solutions tailored to the unique demands of industrial environments.

As Chicago’s only union-owned and operated electrical service provider, we bring unmatched expertise and reliability to your industrial projects, ensuring robust and efficient electrical systems that support your operational needs.

Industrial Electrical Services

Our Industrial Electrical Services

Heavy-Duty Installations

Design and installation of heavy-duty electrical systems that power large machinery and industrial equipment with reliability and efficiency.

Custom Services for Industrial Environments

Bespoke electrical solutions developed to meet the specific requirements of your industrial operations, from energy management systems to automation and control systems.

Safety Inspections

Comprehensive safety inspections conducted by certified professionals to ensure your electrical systems comply with industry standards and regulations, enhancing workplace safety and operational compliance.

Maintenance Agreements

Flavin Electric’s Industrial Maintenance Agreements are designed to keep your large-scale electrical systems running at peak performance. These agreements are critical for maintaining the reliability, safety, and efficiency of the heavy-duty electrical operations that power industrial facilities.


  • Enhanced Reliability: Regular maintenance helps prevent unexpected system failures that can lead to operational disruptions.
  • Cost Efficiency: Proactively manage your maintenance costs with scheduled servicing, reducing the need for expensive emergency repairs.
  • Safety and Compliance: Ensure your industrial operations comply with the latest electrical safety standards and regulations.
  • Priority Service: Receive priority response for any electrical emergency, minimizing downtime and restoring operations quickly.
  • Discounted Rates: Benefit from reduced rates on our industrial electrical services, including repairs and system upgrades, as part of your agreement.

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